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Copernic Desktop Search Version 7 License Key Latest 2021 with Crack Free Download

Copernic Desktop Search License Key is an efficient application that provides a powerful search engine on your desktop to find all your favorites videos, music, images, contacts, and many other files. It enables scans of your local targeting files, local contacts, and emails as well as browsing history. Many people work on documents every day and waste a lot of time in searching, Copernic Desktop Search centralizes your document, file, and email searches in a unique, clean way.

Copernic Desktop Search License Key & Crack 2021

The interface is clean and easy to use as you can choose the destinations among email, files, videos, music, pictures, contacts, and history. It will do a search for all the file types so you can choose the ones you need. Activate the quick search for Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, HTML, Word Perfect, Text, and ZIP files.

Furthermore, you can also view all kinds of categories or navigate to the other tabs dedicated to each of them (using the mouse or the hotkeys). The result shows the file name, location, size, and last modified date for each item. It is possible to sort them by folder or date, to preview the content in the lower part of the screen, and to use the explorer’s context menu.

With the additional options of Copernic Desktop Search Crack you can search for emails (subject, sender, recipient, date, importance, folder, in attachments), files (name, type, size, date, folder), music (e.g. (E.g. artist, album.) Refine, genre), pictures (dimensions, skip pictures smaller than 32×32 pixels), videos (e.g. duration) and the others. Also allows you to search for over 150 other file types such as MP3, JPG, WAV, MPEG.

you can activate keyword highlights, update the index, hide categories from the list, deactivate the completion and correction of queries and select the e-mail folders, local directories, and browsers for indexing. Allows you to quickly find emails or attachments from Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The app installation process is very simple, anyone can install it and it works on computers with very basic requirements. How secure is your data? We know how valuable your information is and we make sure the information is kept in your environment. Copernic Desktop Search does not allow you to retransfer your keywords, search results, or their content to Copernic.

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Copernic Desktop Search Full Version Key Features:

Find any file on your computer

  • Instantly find Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, Word Perfect, text, ZIP files.
  • Quickly locate emails or attachments from Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Search for over 150 other types of files like MP3, JPG, WAV, MPEG.
  • Power your search with specific refining fields or advanced search operators.

Results and beyond

  • Instantly preview filtered matching results.
  • Easily find search keywords: auto-scroll to the first occurrence and highlighted keyword.
  • Use dynamic word-find buttons to trace keywords in document previews.
  • Quickly find search keywords: auto-scroll to the first occurrence and highlighted keywords.
  • Easily sort and group search results.
  • Act on the result: open folders or files, open, reply, or forward emails, etc.

Copernic’s usability expertise

  • Search the Web or your computer from the same lightweight, intuitive interface.
  • Use convenient toolbars: Deskbar and browser toolbar.
  • Stay informed with RSS feeds delivered straight to your ticker (Internet Explorer browser only).
  • Speed up your access to Web and desktop searching with useful keyboard shortcuts.

Take control of your search experience

  • Choose file and email folders to index.
  • Control your computer resources usage when indexing documents.
  • Specify additional file types to index.
  • Benefit from automatic, unnoticed real-time indexing of new/updated files and emails.
  • Selectively suspend the indexing process when a laptop runs on battery power.

Copernic Desktop Search License Key & Crack 2021

What’s New in Copernic Desktop Search 7:

  • Fixed an issue with the recent changes on Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft 365 (Outlook) preventing the download and preview of items.
  • Microsoft 365 cloud extension. Add the ability to index emails, calendars, tasks, and contacts of a Microsoft 365 account without Microsoft Outlook installed on the computer. Uses the same account as the Microsoft OneDrive cloud source. (Requires read/write permissions on emails in order to index content and perform certain actions (ex: forward and message deletion) and reading permission for calendars, tasks, and contacts) (Must be purchased) (Included in Professional and Advanced Editions)

Changes & Improvements:

  • Update of the integrated Chromium browser from version 86.0.241 to version 88.2.90 in order to address the latest vulnerabilities fixes.
  • Minor improvements to the ITR/OCR engine.
  • Improved PDF extractor.
  • Improved Microsoft Word and LibreOffice Writer extractor.
  • Improved Microsoft Excel and LibreOffice Calc extractor.
  • Improved Microsoft PowerPoint and LibreOffice Impress extractor.
  • Improved Microsoft OneNote extractor.
  • Improved Microsoft Autodesk AutoCAD extractor.
  • Improved Microsoft Adobe Photoshop extractor.
  • Improved Microsoft Microsoft Visio extractor.
  • Improved preview of Microsoft Word files. Searching is now possible in the entire document text.
  • Options view modifications to better centralize the cloud sources options.
  • The folder selection window updated to use the actual Windows-style that offers network folder selection.
  • Add a system monitor to automatically pause the indexation when putting Windows in sleep or in hibernation.
  • Memory usage optimization when loading and disposing of thumbnail images from the results list.
  • Optimization of Google Drive cloud source calls to use asynchronous calls when available.
  • The default value for the scheduled update of mail, calendar, task, and contact items is now every 2 days instead of every day.
  • Some improvements to ITR/OCR engine with Chinese language (Requires Text Recognition extension).
  • Updates to libraries of cloud sources Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox.
  • Reorganization of cloud source plugins libraries.
  • Windows Live Mail support removed from Windows 10.
  • Remove Outlook Express support.


  • Fixed an issue with Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive cloud source IDs causing incomplete indexing of folder content. *** A re-indexing of these sources is necessary ***
  • Fixed an issue preventing the index from being saved when closing Windows when indexing is complete causing re-indexing of the last folders on restart.
  • Fixed a potential memory issue if an error occurs while downloading file information from a cloud source.
  • Fixed a potential error with the Copernic context menu.
  • Fixed a potential issue when indexing particular PDF files that could cause excessive CPU usage and a “timeout” during indexing.
  • Fixed a potential memory leak when indexing PDF documents.
  • Fixed the “Keywords” property of some images with properties in XPM Dublin Core format.
  • Fixed a version mismatch between different uses of the System.Net.Http library.
  • Fixed some texts in the content of the introduction pages.
  • Added additional validation before re-adding a cloud source to the index queue.
  • Fixed icons of calendar or task-type items with attachments.
  • Removal of some unused external libraries.

System Requirements For Copernic Desktop Search:

Window: 8/8.1/10. 32/64Bit
RAM:  At least 1 GB.
Hard Disk:2 GB of Free Space.
Processor:2 GHz processor (Intel or AMD)

How to Install Copernic Desktop Search Latest Crack:

  1. First Download app From the download link.
  2. After complete Download Extract the Zip file using WinRAR or WinZip.
  3. Temporarily disable antivirus software on your PC until install the Crack.
  4. Before installation Always Follow the instruction which given Readme.txt file.
  5. After reading the instruction Run the Setup to crack the software.
  6. Finally, wait for the process completion and restart the software.
  7. OK, Done Enjoy the Latest Version Crack 2021!

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